It is important to consider your personal eating habits: how often do you eat, are you an athlete, how accommodating is your schedule? Answering these questions may help in the decision process.

Meal Access and Flex Dollars are all accessed entirely through your SPU One Card. This card acts as both your SPU I.D. and Meal Card.

Flex dollars can be used in any of our dining facilities, along with the school store. It acts like a debit card, where one begins with a certain amount of money and deducts purchases from the balance.

Munch Money is similar to flex, but cannot be used in the school store. Its primary use is for any of our dining facilities. This also acts like a debit card, having an initial balance, and then decreasing with each purchase.

Yes, all of the menus are available online for most locations. Simply click the specific location page under 'Resident Dining' and 'Retail Dining'.

If you have the 10, 7 or 5 meal plan, your account resets again each Monday. For instance, if on Sunday you still have 3 meals left, on Monday, you’ll begin the school week with 10, 7 or 5 meals. So, unused meals are forfeited at the end of the week.

For munch money, if you have a balance at the end of the fall semester, it will carry over to the spring semester as long as you keep or purchase another meal plan. Munch Money will not simple refill itself without a meal plan. Munch Money will not carry over to the next academic year if there is a balance at the end of the spring semester.

Flex & dining dollars remain on your One Card for the duration of your time at Saint Peter's.